Black-colored type had never been photographed, but in 2022, a lucky person was able to snap some images that quickly went viral.

A researcher affiliated with the University of Alberta, Canada, captured the animal. Thomas Jung, an employee of the Yukon Government, utilized his mobile phone to capture a video of the creature.

The discovery was detailed in a journal article titled “Paint it black: first record of melanism in Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis).”

The footage was obtained in a rural residential area in close proximity to the Whitehorse, Yukon, metropolis. The video captures the lynx in a state of relaxation from an approximate distance of 50 meters. In the vicinity were several individuals and a canine companion; the lynx ultimately averted its course of action in response to the dog’s startled purr.

The Canada Lynx exhibits the characteristics of a solitary, reclusive animal.Despite successfully classifying the creature as a Canada lynx, specialists on the species encountered considerable difficulty in discerning distinctive characteristics within the unsteady video.


Jung describes the creature as having a black coat that was adorned with whitish gray guard hairs, which were also present in the facial frill, rostrum, and dorsal regions.

Although the majority of lynx species share similar coloration, winter sightings of Canada lynx, which have silvery gray coats, are common. Summertime finds their coats frequently tinged with a shade of reddish brown.


The film depicts a lynx, which is an exceedingly uncommon species due to its diverse array of coat colors.As per Jung’s theory, such variations often represent adaptations that have the potential to either benefit (maladaptive) or hinder evolution.

As of yet, scientific consensus does not establish the benefits or drawbacks of melanin in any animal. On the contrary, Jung deems this characteristic of the lynx maladaptive due to its inability to provide vital camouflage. Due to its darker hair, the animal would likely stand out in the snow while foraging during the winter.


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