When they discovered this poor creature on the street, they knew it was in serious trouble.

Many people believe that cats are independent animals that can survive on their own. They are renowned for being independent; they are known to roam outside a lot and only come inside for feeding and grooming. On the other hand, the fur of certain cat breeds has to be maintained on a regular basis and neglecting it might have disastrous results.

Hidey was a cat that suffered for years because her owner was unable to give her regular grooming. Hidey was in such a horrible shape when the rescuer first saw her that they thought she was a cat curled up under a blanket. The picture was actually so shocking that others compared it to a scene from a science fiction film, specifically a creature from the movie “Alien.” The man had no idea that another animal was lurking in the same house; he had only come to see how his elderly relative’s cat was doing. He was not even able to identify the mysterious creature hidden inside.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Paul Russell stated, “It darted out from under a bed.” “At first, I believed it to be a cat with a blanket covering it. It was tucked away in a corner when I descended into the scary old cellar the following day. I said, “My God, this is a cat!” at that point.

When the couple from Churchill, Pennsylvania, learned about Hidey, a 14-year-old cat who had been neglected for years and had gained her nickname from her love of hiding, they decided to take care of both animals. As soon as possible, the personnel at the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Centre made plans to groom Hidey’s body of the matted fur that had gathered over the years.

The Russells, the cat’s new owners, named her and told her that Hidey’s previous owner had Alzheimer’s and was no longer conscious of her surroundings. They thought that Hidey’s weight and failing health prevented her from taking care of herself properly, which led to the production of these mats. Since then, Hidey has come to represent the significance of keeping an eye on the welfare of senior citizens and their pets.

“While pet companionship can bring many positive benefits to the elderly, owning a pet is a significant responsibility,” stressed Dan Rossi, CEO of the Animal Rescue League Shelter. In the event that a friend, neighbour, or family member who has a pet begins to experience mental decline, he advised everyone to make sure there is a support structure in place.

When the people who found Hidey found out that Hidey’s owner had transferred to a nursing home because of Alzheimer’s, they contacted the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Centre in Pittsburgh. The poor cat’s fur had grown into dreadlocks that were six to eight inches in length, suggesting that she had probably been abandoned for up to two years.

A veterinarian named Dr Yaelen Levitzki helped liberate Hidey from her matted fur, and she said it was the worst matting she had ever seen in a cat. She described the surgery in a Facebook video, and Hidey received a tranquillizer to make sure she was comfortable.

Hidey’s matting had gone untreated for years, according to the shelter, and the medical staff noticed that the cat was feeling lot better after shaving off pounds of matted fur from her body. Hidey started a new chapter in her life when she was placed with a member of her owner’s family when her owner was released from duty.


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