Everything We Know About Lilah Gibney, After Revealing Her Connection To Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates loves women, and it seems he might have indulged in all types. The “Two Phones” rapper says he is very dedicated to the female anatomy and how to please them. While Gates has never publicly acknowledged a history with women of the trans experience, a woman named Lilah Gibney recently came forward alleging she spent an evening with the rapper.

Kevin Gates is a very outspoken man. He frequently goes viral for his interviews discussing everything relating to his life experiences. In the past, he’s made some very controversial statements including having a relationship with his cousin the past, and describing his brother’s manhood. In one viral clip, Kevin Gates gave a tutorial of a technique he calls “swiping the credit card.”

An Instagram model named Lilah Gibney claims to have gotten a front-row seat to the Kevin Gates experience. The Fashion Nova front woman boasts 57k followers and is known for her beauty and fashion. In addition to being an influencer, Lilah is also a content creator on Only Fans, and an advocate of the trans community. Lilah recently opened up about Kevin taking her on a date where he wined and dined her and “stared deep into her soul.”

The model claims that Kevin took her home afterward and introduced her to his wife, Dreka Gates. Lilah and Kevin then went to a private area and began to get intimate. While connecting, Lilah claimed Kevin was taken aback when noticing something was a bit different with her. At that moment, she says she disclosed the information. While he told her it was “ok” at the moment and finished “what he was doing,” Lilah says he would go on to block her following that evening. Kevin Gates isn’t the only celebrity, Lilah has come into contact with.

The instagram model was a guest on Get In, Loser podcast when she discussed an altercation with singer Chris Brown. In 2019, she also made headlines after accusing Jake Paul of discrimination – claiming professional boxer kicked her out of his Team 10 home along with her friend and fellow YouTuber Kendall Raindrop. Kevin Gates has not responded to the claims made by Lilah, but he is not the first straight man to face these accusations. The list included Darius McCrary, Eddie Murphy, and Tyga.

In a past Breakfast Club interview, Kevin has opened up about the support he receives from transwomen. “You know who helped me get back on my feet since my last tour? It’s been Jews and transgenders. The people that the world would say is the worst people.” Gates says they invested in him when black people would not.

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