Gorilla grieving death of friend didn’t laugh in four months, then Robin Williams tickled her

When people think of Robin Williams, they think of him as an exceptional comic who could walk into any room and have the people within laughing within minutes, regardless of the environment that was present at the time. As a result of his dying in 2014, people all around the world were left reeling and in shock. This was made even more distressing by the fact that facts about his depression and personal problems come to light after his death.

Even now, after six years have passed, this legendary performing artist, comedian, and vocalist is still recognized and cherished. One of the relationships that Williams made was with Koko, a gorilla that was trained in sign language. Williams had a special way of connecting with individuals from all walks of life, and one of the connections he made was with Koko. Koko’s caregivers showed the two of them meeting in 2001 in a film that was released in 2014 as a tribute.

Williams have a unique gift for making people’s lives better, and the video demonstrates this talent. In point of fact, it was precisely this talent that had led to the initial encounter between him and Koko in each and every instance. There was a contact made with the celebrity by the Gorilla Foundation, which was the group that was responsible for the care of Koko and other gorillas.

A couple of months prior, Koko had suffered the loss of her closest companion and playmate, a different gorilla named Michael. The foundation wanted to find a method to cheer her up again after her friend passed away, and they went out to Robin Williams in an effort to do so. She had grown despondent, reclusive, and heartbroken at the loss of her companion. The comic gave his word that he would make an effort to cheer up the gorilla.

In a conversation with Today that took place not long after the encounter, Williams discussed the event as follows:

Williams stated that they had a remarkable experience together, which was laughter. Koko is able to communicate her feelings and thoughts about daily occurrences, life, love, and even death through the use of over a thousand different signs. She is able to hear spoken English. It was incredible and will be remembered forever.

A video that shows the two of them meeting makes it abundantly evident how at ease they felt in each other’s presence, even though it was only a short time since they had first met. Koko engages in playful activities with Williams, stealing his glasses from his face so that she can try them on herself, and even picking his pocket and searching through his wallet.

She was astonished and saddened when Koko learned of Williams’s passing in 2014, which was many years after she had first heard about it. When Koko was informed that Williams had gone away, her caregiver at the Gorilla Foundation stated that she lowered her head and ceased all movement. She then proceeded to sign the word “cry” in American Sign Language a few moments later. Upon hearing the news of the comedian’s passing, the elderly gorilla lady appeared to be filled with genuine emotion and profound sorrow.

The unfortunate news is that Koko herself passed away in the year 2018, at the age of 46, which is a pretty respectable age for a gorilla.

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