Workers were removing the old house when they discovered a hundred-year-old chest concealed beneath the floor. They opened it in front of the camera…

After being abandoned for a number of years on the periphery of the town, a house that had been neglected for a considerable amount of time has just been acquired and renovated, which has resulted in the discovery of an unexpected treasure trove.

A startling finding was made as a result of the decision to repair the floors of the residence that had been abandoned. When workers who had been recruited by the new owner were entrusted with tearing down the flooring, they happened discovered an old chest that was hidden beneath the first planks. They decided to record the opening of the chest on camera since their curiosity was peaked by the experience.

The chest, which dates back more than a century, gave the impression of being unaltered by its previous owners, as there was no evidence of any repair work in the region of the chest. The chest was difficult to remove because of its large weight, which also required the use of a winch and ropes in order to accomplish the task. The builders were forced to grind down the castle and saw off the hinges that were stubbornly sealed since the rust had taken its toll on the structure.

When the builders pryed open the lid, they discovered silver ingots that had been carefully wrapped. This came as a complete surprise to them. As soon as they realised the significance of their discovery, they immediately informed the homeowner, who did not waste any time in contacting an assessor to determine the value of the treasure.

On the basis of its weight alone, the initial estimations placed the value of the discovery at fifteen million rubles. The owner, on the other hand, is anticipating that the treasure would fetch an even higher price due to the historical significance of the silver ingots. The discovery of such a significant fortune is a rare instance of good fortune, which demonstrates that the purchase of the home was a great decision.

Because of a chance discovery that was made beneath the floorboards of a home that had been abandoned for a very long time, the homeowner, who had previously made an investment in the property, is now in a position to reap the benefits of this unexpected windfall.

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