Queen Camilla ‘outraged’ after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source

There have been recent stories that have stirred up the royal pot. RadarOnline, citing the National Enquirer, has revealed bold assertions regarding the poor connection that exists between Queen Camilla and her stepson, Prince Harry. According to the magazines, Queen Camilla was left infuriated by Prince Harry’s speedy journey across the Atlantic after learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis, which allegedly occurred without prior clearance from the palace.

The sudden migration of Prince Harry from the United States to the United Kingdom was precipitated by the news that his father, Prince Charles, had been diagnosed with cancer. This information was apparently communicated to Prince Harry by the Prince of Wales himself. On the other hand, rather than encouraging reconciliation, it appeared like Harry’s return would make divisions within the royal family even more pronounced.

The meeting between Prince Harry and Prince Charles, which was supposed to take place in order to discuss the diagnosis, was reportedly only thirty minutes long. This suggests that the meeting was somewhat brief. According to the reports, Prince Charles travelled to the royal estate of Sandringham via helicopter, which is where the meeting took place. It appears that Prince Harry was not permitted to attend the meeting.

In accordance with the principle of royal confidentiality, the specifics of the topics that were discussed between them have not been released. In addition, the facts of Prince Charles’s cancer diagnosis, such as the type and stage of the disease, have been concealed from the general public, and there is only a limited amount of information that is currently being circulated regarding his treatment.

It was not possible to obtain unanimity of royal backing for Prince Harry’s trip to the United Kingdom. It has been speculated that Prince William had no intention of meeting his younger brother, which further highlights the tensions that exist among the royal family. Additionally, recent allegations from RadarOnline indicate that Queen Camilla was especially displeased with the activities that Prince Harry took.

According to sources that were cited by the National Enquirer, Queen Camilla was reportedly incensed by Prince Harry’s unapproved homecoming, since she considered it to be a violation of the etiquette that was established by the palace. Furthermore, there are stories that say Prince Harry asked that Queen Camilla leave the room before he had a conversation with Prince Charles. This move is said to have been received with great disapproval from Queen Camilla.

The unnamed source goes on to assert that Queen Camilla, who has been dealing with long-standing problems with Prince Harry, notably those that come from allegations relating to Prince Charles’s former marriage, has reached her breaking point. In reference to Prince Harry’s use of his father’s illness for public relations purposes as a “loving son” ploy, Queen Camilla is said to have expressed her extreme displeasure of the situation.

With the assertion that Queen Camilla scolded Prince Harry and condemned his behaviour as being humiliating to his father, the royal family, and the monarchy in general, the source draws a picture of a confrontation. If the allegations are to be accepted, Queen Camilla has made it quite plain that the presence of Prince Harry is not something that is desired.

These spectacular charges add fire to the existing narrative of discord inside the British monarchy, prompting many people to wonder about the future of familial relations and the sturdiness of the royal institution in the face of internal struggle. As the royal tale continues to unravel, these claims add fuel to the ongoing narrative of political instability.

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