My Daughter Always Came Back from School Sad & Her Reason Made Me Divorce My Husband

When Dani comes to the realization that her marriage to Nathan is in jeopardy, she comes to terms with the possibility that his new job opportunity could provide them with the much-needed kickstart. On the other hand, Dani finds out the truth about Nathan when they relocate.

For the past nine years, I have been in a marriage that I have considered to be a loving relationship.

Having just graduated from high school, Nathan and I had tied the knot at a young age. Our only knowledge was of one another.

“We’ll grow together, Dani,” he continued. “I love you.” “We’ll study and build up careers together.”

I was fooled by him. Additionally, it appeared that Nathan adhered to his commitments for a considerable amount of time.

Our daughter, Ellie, was born to us after we had been married for two years. Now that she is seven years old and a fierce young lady, she is the joy of our lives.

However, over the course of the past few years, I have been witnessing the disintegration of my marriage right in front of my eyes. Nathan was critical about my physical appearance.

“You’ve just let yourself go, Dani,” he commented. “You never stop wearing such dowdy garments. Do you believe that you will be able to keep the spark alive in such a manner?

He claimed that I was not a good enough mother because I worked too much, despite the fact that I worked from home to support my family. I was never alone in Ellie’s presence, with the exception of when she was at school.

“You are never seen by anyone other than that computer screen. Do you even pay Ellie the attention that she deserves? It does not appear to be the case. When I get home from work, she is never together with anyone else.

To begin, I would respond with retaliation. I would let Nathan know how I am feeling. In the end, however, I simply became exhausted from arguing with him.

I told Ellie, “Do whatever you want,” as I was getting ready to put her to bed one evening with her.

Nathan’s dramatic improvement in his behavior brought to a change in the situation. He was a pleasant person. In the beginning, I thought that it was because he had received a new work opportunity in a different place.

The relocation did not bother me in any way. Despite the fact that Ellie was only in the first grade, I was able to work from any location.

Nathan stated, “It’s a new start,” as he assisted me in putting our life up for sale.

We moved in the hopes of enjoying a new beginning and for our relationship to improve as a result of our move. During the weeks coming up to the major transfer, Nathan did some research on a new school, and he decided to enroll Ellie in that school.

It appeared as though he had everything under control.

“I’m serious about this move, honey,” he stated as he handed Ellie a juice box during their conversation. “This is going to be great.”

However, Ellie began to come home sad a few weeks after she started attending school, and she refused to explain the reason for her behavior.

Then, on a particular day, I discovered her sobbing into her chamber.

“Honey, what happened?” Concerned, I inquired about it.

I do not want Miss Allen to assume the role of my mother! It is my dream to have you as my mommy! Ellie broke down in tears.

My body was shivering with fear. Ellie’s instructor was a named Miss Allen.

“Why would she become your mother?” I demanded answers.

With tears streaming down her face, Ellie gazed at me with a sorrowful expression. She motioned with her head.

I was adamant, “Honey, tell me,” to her.

The weight of the entire world seemed to fall on my daughter’s shoulders as she let out a deep sigh on her little shoulders.

When my father came to pick me up from school yesterday, Miss Allen instructed me to wait by the door while she had a conversation with my father. Her statement that she will be a better mother to me was something that I did hear, but I did not hear everything she said. When she brought up that point, Dad laughed.

If I had been standing on the floor, it would have been as if it had collapsed.

The charges, the move, and the sudden niceness — all of these things came together to form a horrific composite. Someone was having an affair with my husband.

I made sure that Ellie was sound asleep that night, and then I poured Nathan a drink throughout the evening.

He smiled and took it, completely oblivious to the tension that was building up inside of me.

“So,” I started off by saying. “Miss Allen seems really good with Ellie.”

He smiled broadly and asked, “Really?” as his eyes lit up. “I knew Ellie liked her…”

“Enough for Miss Allen to be her new mom?” I inquired about it. “What’s going on, and don’t you dare lie to me.”

Guilt was written all over Nathan’s face, and his face had lost all of its color. The revelation of his confession ultimately led to the dissolution of our marriage.

Although he had been having an affair before to our move, the woman wanted more from him than he could give her. The new career opportunity presented itself, and he decided to end the relationship. The fact that he and Miss Allen had been seeing each other for two weeks before Ellie overheard their talk demonstrates that it had not taken him very long to make the connection.

As I was dropping Ellie off at school the following day, I confronted Miss Allen about the affair that she had been having. She refuted every other claim.

I changed Ellie’s school to a different institution. She should not have been caught in the middle of her father’s extramarital activities; rather, she should have been protected and treasured more.

Due to the fact that a divorce was unavoidable, I discovered that although it was excruciating, I felt relieved. We had been ruined by Nathan for a very long time, and it was finally time to dissolve our marriage in an official capacity.

A few months into the divorce, Ellie is the primary focus of my attention, and I make it a point to reassure her on a consistent basis that she is loved without condition. She has completely forgotten about Miss Allen and is so happy with her new instructor.
Due to the fact that Ellie is the most significant component in our life, Nathan is at liberty to come and go with her regardless of his desires.

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