76-year-old grandmother ripped apart in comments after modeling sleeveless dress on social media

One fashion influencer who is 76 years old stands firm against ageism and outmoded fashion rules in the ever-changing world of social media, where opinions are freely expressed about everything and everything.

Candace Cima, a grandmother of eleven grandkids, uploaded a photo of herself modelling a sleeveless midi dress not too long ago, which resulted in a rush of comments being left on her social media account. Despite the fact that the post garnered attention, not all of the responses expressed approval.

In an interview with TODAY, Cima stated, “It’s not the first time that something like this has occurred, but this one surprised me.” People have such outmoded ideas about what constitutes age-appropriate clothing, and this is something that needs to be changed.

In the photograph, Cima proudly displayed her timeless style by wearing a brown knit sleeveless dress teamed with a cardigan. This was a demonstration of her reluctance to submit to the expectations of society.

On the other hand, despite the outpouring of remarks, there were a few people who couldn’t help but express their disagreement. “This dress does nothing for you when viewed from the side or the rear angles. Below the waist, form-fitting clothing is not recommended for you. Someone commented in a remark on Facebook, “Celebrate everything else about your body!”

Similar feelings were expressed by other individuals, who criticised Cima’s dress and suggested that it was not suitable for her age group. In spite of this, Cima did not let the negative comments stop her.

She stated, “I am not ashamed of having wrinkled skin at the age of 76; it is perfectly appropriate to have wrinkled skin at that age.” The question “Should I cover my face too, because I have wrinkles there?” is one that I get the want to ask myself on sometimes.

2019 marked the beginning of Cima’s adventure into the world of fashion, which began when she became aware of a gap in the business for ladies of a more advanced age. When she first started her fashion blog, she had the intention of challenging the conventional notions of older people and style.

“I recognised an opportunity to discuss the subject of how one should dress as they grew older. According to her explanation, “women have been conditioned to believe that they need to cover up because that is what their mothers and grandmothers did.”

Her message has repercussions that extend beyond the realm of fashion; it is a call to change the preconceptions that society has regarding ageing and beauty.

The way that we think about getting older needs to be changed. “In this contemporary world, it is not necessary for us to adhere to these outdated ideas,” Cima emphasised.

Cima continues to be unwavering in her commitment to her goal, the imparting of pearls of wisdom to her followers, both young and old, despite the fact that she has been subjected to a number of derogatory insults.

“Getting older is wonderful. The entirety of what you have learnt over your entire life is now available to you. From this point forward, you are the wisest person you are ever going to be. Acknowledge it and take pride in it.

Cima’s narrative serves as a powerful reminder that true style is not dependent on age, and that knowledge is not bound by the expectations of society. This is especially important in a world where opinions are many.

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