Sahar Tabar: A Controversial Transformation

An Iranian woman named Sahar Tabar, who is 19 years old, found herself in the middle of a global scandal when she underwent more than fifty plastic procedures in an effort to transform her appearance into that of the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. On social media, she received a lot of attention for her dramatic metamorphosis, which included a different nose, a different nose, and cheekbones that were much thinner than before.

Regarding her altered appearance, Tabar, who rose to stardom thanks to her Instagram account @sahartabarofficial, which has nearly four million followers, was met with both praise and criticism. In spite of this, her content that was deemed to be controversial eventually resulted in the removal of her account, much to the relief of her mother who disapproved of her.

The measures that Tabar took had significant repercussions, despite the fact that she stated that her goal was never to be a complete imitation of Jolie but rather to express herself artistically. Her arrest occurred in October 2019, and she was charged with a number of offenses, including publishing blasphemous photographs on Instagram, unlawfully purchasing property, instigating violence, and breaching the country’s severe dress code for women.

Following a trial, Tabar was found guilty and sentenced to a ten-year prison sentence. She was then placed in Qarchak, which is considered to be one of the most notorious women’s prisons in Iran. During the time that she was being held captive, Iranian activist Masih Alinejad brought attention to Tabar’s situation on social media and urged Angelina Jolie to advocate for her.

After serving a sentence of fourteen months in prison, Tabar was finally released. The continued fight for justice and human rights in Iran is brought to light by her case, which serves as a reminder of the fact that activists like as Alinejad continue to advocate for change.

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