Brad Pitt’s has a new woman in his life and she’s very familiar – he ‘isn’t rushing anything’

When the once-envied relationship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ended, the entire world could not help but hold its breath. In spite of this, fans couldn’t help but worry what the future held for Pitt’s on-screen chemistry, this time with actress Angelina Jolie, as their hearts broke over the fact that they had separated.

Eventually, Brad and Angelina started dating and became a couple.

However, their journey took a terrible turn years later when Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. This was prompted by rumours of an alleged event that occurred aboard their private plane, which involved Pitt and their eldest son, Maddox.

Pitt was immediately exonerated of any charges of child abuse, according to US Weekly, despite the intensive scrutiny and investigations conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services to investigate the allegations.

The repercussions from their divorce and the custody battle that followed was one of the most contentious splits in the history of films and television in Hollywood.

After some time had passed, on January 21, 2021, an email that Jolie had sent to her ex-husband was discovered. In the email, she expressed her distress about the choice to sell Miraval, a company that was involved in the alcohol industry. Many people believe that it is a cryptic reference to the situation with the plane and the aftermath of it.

Miraval was a location of familial joy and grief, and Jolie lamented its symbolic extinction following the turbulence that occurred in 2016. Jolie reminisced about Miraval in the email, which left her feeling melancholy.

After the dust settled from their high-profile breakup, Pitt cautiously entered a new chapter of his life, supposedly finding companionship with someone else. This occurred as the dust settled following their breakup.

“When it comes to the people he dates, Brad is very selective and deliberate. An anonymous insider revealed that he prefers to gently into things and allow things to develop in a natural way.

Ines de Ramon, who is famous for her marriage to “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley, was the subject of rumours spreading that Pitt’s new girlfriend is Ines de Ramon. According to those who are close to the pair, they are pleased with the low-key nature of their relationship.

During the month of December in the year 2022, Pitt and Ines were seen spending their vacation together in Mexico, which added to the mystery surrounding the developing connection.

According to those with knowledge of the situation, Ines is present during Pitt’s chats with his children, despite the fact that the degree of her participation with Pitt’s children has not been disclosed.

Ines was seen wearing a charm necklace that bore the letter “B,” which prompted curiosity about her feelings for her new partner. This added gasoline to the fire of the rumour.

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