Missy Robertson Opens Up After Her Daughter Mia’s Surgery

The fact that Mia Robertson, the granddaughter of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, has endured her fourteenth cleft palate surgery at the age of seventeen is a testimonial to her resiliency and the support she receives from her family. Mia’s mother, Missy Robertson, recently expressed her great thanks to those who stood by them during these difficult times by sharing touching photographs of her daughter after the treatment to her followers.

Even though the operation was successful, Mia still has a long and difficult road ahead of her before she can be considered fully recovered. The progress that Mia has made was noted by Missy Robertson, but she also brought attention to the challenging path that lies ahead. During the celebration of Mia’s resiliency and the miracles that occurred throughout her journey, the family gathered together.

The surgeons had to break Mia’s jaws in order to make changes, and they did not give her any pain medicine. This presented Mia with a number of difficult obstacles during the operation. Keeping her alert was the decision that was made in order to reduce the possibility of her choking, which added another layer of difficulty to the process.

After painstakingly crafting a replica of Mia’s mouth and jaw, the medical staff ensured that the rebuilding operation would be carried out with precision. Despite the progress that has been made, it is anticipated that Mia will continue to be under the watchful eye of physicians for a further year of intensive care.

During this time, the Robertson family finds comfort in the presence of one another, and they treasure the times they spend together at home, participating in activities such as games and laughing. Mia’s road towards recovery is encapsulated by their boundless love and support throughout the process.

Mia is continuing on her journey towards recovery, and her family and supporters are sending their collective best wishes for a rapid recovery. They want her to be able to demonstrate strength and hope in the face of hardship.

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