10 Bewildering Objects That Left Folks Wondering about Their Uses

1. “What is this hollow handle/spout-shaped metal bowl thing?”

In response, “A cream separator component.”

2. “What is this object made of cushioned satin that has a hole in the middle and ribbon ties? Looks like a potentially handcrafted beauty item case.

“It appears as though it could be placed atop a hanger (thus the middle hole).” This would transform a wooden hanger that is smooth into one that has a satin finish or top to keep delicate items like underwear or slips from falling off. Maybe the ties would be used to fasten it to the hanger. Just a hunch, though!

3. “A tiny plastic item. features a cap covering the tops of two tiny nubs.

“I was over here assuming it was for two part epoxy,” was the response.

4. “This was found on the shore. It appears to be a string with several little discs strung on it, and it is less than a foot long.

“Those are whelk egg cases,” is my response.

5. “A Chevy Bolt’s rear wheel is attached with a belt device.”

“It appears to be a homegrown charging system,” was the response.

6. “A dark liquid directly beneath a light that looks to have dripped from the ceiling.”

“Bad ballast, they are potted with that goo,” is the response.

7. “A small, hollow glass object with an odd opening.” What’s that?

Glass flower holder/vase is the response.

8. “Reddit is my last hope after 20 years of research!”

“Inside the mouth of a freshwater drum,” is the response.

9. “I found it approximately a meter above the ground in a Swedish woodland, and it was around 20 centimeters in size. Though it is hard to the touch, when knocked, it drops liquid.

“Looks like a polypore fungus called guttation that is exuding excess moisture,” was the response.

10. “I received a suitcase from China that contained six of these. I’m not sure why! What do they represent?

The Jericho Rose, also known as the Resurrection Plant and the Dinosaur Plant.

11. “This came out of my husband’s truck that exploded.”

“It’s the inside parts of a catalytic converter, the catalyst,” is the response.

12. “What’s this large hole that milk cartons typically have?”

In actuality, this is a precautionary step to contain the milk in the event that it rapidly drops or freezes. if so, causes the cap to pop out.

13. “These blocks of lead were discovered in a UK river. each weighing 125 g. Is it possible for someone to positively identify them?

“They remind me of the Kuberakolam,” is the response.

14. “When I squeeze it, the hole gets smaller. discovered in my parents’ kitchen. How am I going to use it?

“It’s to strip corn on the cob,” is the response.



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