Carrie Underwood and son deliver heartwarming rendition of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ in a duet overflowing with angelic charm

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood and her adorable son Isaiah chose to spread some early Christmas happiness with a heartfelt performance of the popular classic song “The Little Drummer Boy.” As the holiday season creeps closer, the festive mood envelops everyone, including Carrie Underwood and her son Isaiah.

“The Little Drummer Boy” is a timeless Christmas song that has been graced by the vocals of music superstars such as Bing Crosby. Its origins can be traced back to a traditional melody from the Czech Republic. On the other hand, Carrie’s collaboration with her son, who is five years old, offers a new point of view to the song, infusing it with a new depth of feeling and charm.

Carrie admitted that the recording session with Isaiah gave rise to both laughter and tears as she reflected on the event. She expressed a flow of emotions as she reflected on the encounter. “I was in the booth with him, and I was trying to get him to access all of his small emotions about being five years old, which he is quite capable of doing on his own… During the time that I was listening to the song again with his adorable little voice on it, I found myself both smiling and sobbing,” Carrie informed Today.

Isaiah’s beautiful voice match his mother’s vocals in a seamless manner, and “The Little Drummer Boy” is only one of the tracks that can be found on Carrie Underwood’s first Christmas album, which is titled “My Gift.” Despite the difficulties that Carrie has faced over the course of the previous year, this record is a source of great delight for her and bears a unique meaning for her. “We just want to bring some Christmas joy to people, so I’m super excited,” Carrie said with enthusiasm.

The Grammy-winning artist Carrie Underwood highlighted the significant influence that children have on our lives in her HBO special titled “My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood.” In the special, she emphasized the significance of incorporating her young son in the release of the record. The performance of Isaiah was lauded by Carrie, who remarked not only on his talent but also on the striking likeness he possessed to the youngster who was portrayed in the narrative of the song.

Carrie Underwood’s “My Gift” is a musical trip that promises to be filled with holiday magic. The album is scheduled to be released on December 25th, and it comprises a combination of Christmas classics and fresh works by Carrie Underwood. The video that captures the essence of the season via the passionate vocals of Carrie and Isaiah can be found below for fans who are ready to enjoy the lovely mother-son duet.

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