Daughter’s text to Dad

A young woman named Lilly, who lives in Australia, has made the announcement that she will soon be travelling back to the United States in order to get married to the person she met online. This is a story that could only take place in the modern era of digital technology. Something that sets this narrative apart from others is not only the fact that it involves a romance that takes place across continents, but also the unique channels through which their relationship developed.

Lilly’s journey towards marriage started with a straightforward text message that she sent to her father. In the message, she informed him of her intentions to get married and sarcastically asked for his financial help. You should have your chequebook ready, Daddy, since I’m going to be coming home to get married very soon. She used the phrase “LOL!” in a message that perfectly encapsulated the essence of their contemporary courting.

According to Lilly’s explanation, she and her soon-to-be husband first met on a dating website, and then they strengthened their connection through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook. Their connection grew stronger as a result of extended chats that took place over WhatsApp, which culminated in a proposal that was shared through Skype.

However, it was their two-month courtship that was mostly done over Viber that ultimately led to the formation of their relationship. As a result, Lilly decided to seek her father’s approval for what is expected to be a magnificent wedding.

Although he did so in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, Lilly’s father expressed his support and good wishes to his daughter through a response that was as contemporary as the news that his daughter made. I am so sorry, Lilly. I mean, Wow! Is that true? Awsome! Whatever… ” he began, before recommending that they take their wedding to Twitter, find enjoyment on Tango, and conduct their registry through Amazon, all while handling their cash using PayPal. And in a fun twist, he added that Lilly might always “sell him on eBay” in the event that she ever became dissatisfied with her new husband.

An example of how the modern approach to love, marriage, and communication in today’s interconnected world can be seen in the conversation that took place between a father and his daughter. Something that started out as a series of digital contacts that took place across countries has now developed into a commitment that can be physically felt, bridging the gap that exists between two hearts.

When Lilly is getting ready to go on to the next stage of her life, she does so with the support of her family and the understanding that her love story, albeit being atypical, is completely unique to her. And you never know? It’s possible that their wedding hashtag on Twitter will become popular, and that their love story may encourage others to open themselves up to the possibilities of contemporary romance.

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