Eloping after 6 weeks of dating, Bette Midler and her husband are still in love after 39 years

Bete Midler, a Hollywood icon at the time of 39, unexpectedly proposed to Martin von Haselberg, a 35-year-old artist, after only six weeks of courting. They eloped to Las Vegas in an impromptu decision and exchanged vows in the Starlight Chapel in the presence of an Elvis impersonator who served as the solitary witness and officiant.

The impromptu matrimonial ceremony, which was held for an extremely modest sum of $45, exemplified the fundamental nature of their long-lasting romantic journey, which has since extended to nearly four decades. Midler reflected on their unorthodox beginning, recalling the spontaneous ceremony and the noteworthy altercation in attire that her spouse executed prior to exchanging the vows.

Notwithstanding their unorthodox inception, the affection between Midler and von Haselberg has endured the trial of time. Following a Vegas extravaganza of two years, the couple unveiled their daughter Sophie, who is now 36 years old. However, they were devoid of photographic mementos from their enchanted wedding day for many years until an unexpected package containing images from the long-forgotten occasion was delivered to them.

The couple has encountered various obstacles along the way, as Midler acknowledges previous disputes that were ultimately resolved by reaching a compromise and committing to the joint responsibility of rearing their daughter. Von Haselberg placed significant emphasis on the paramountcy of family, a sentiment that was similarly expressed by Midler, who lauded her husband’s resolute commitment as a paternal figure.

They have come to recognise the importance of listening, compromise, and accountability as critical elements of a prosperous marital union, as the years have passed. Their bond has grown stronger despite the ups and downs, culminating in the delight of escorting their daughter down the aisle in 2020.

Their narrative functions as an inspiration to those who work in a field frequently marred by transient partnerships, serving as a reminder that genuine affection transcends limitations. Let us persist in recounting their remarkable voyage and expressing our admiration for their steadfast dedication to one another.



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