Remembrance of Reba McEntire’s Band Members Who Have Passed Away

Reba McEntire, the iconic superstar of country music, reflects on a somber chapter in her life as she remembers the tragic plane crash that took the lives of her trusted tour manager and seven beloved band members. The devastating incident, which occurred on March 16, 1991, marked a turning point in McEntire’s life, leaving an indelible mark on her heart.

The ill-fated flight took off from Brown Field Municipal Airport in San Diego, following a mesmerizing performance by McEntire and her band at a prestigious event. As fate would have it, McEntire, her then-husband and manager Narvel Blackstock, and her stylist Sandi Spika were not aboard the plane, as arrangements had been made for the rest of the band to travel separately.

Tragically, only ten miles east of the airport, the plane carrying McEntire’s dear friends and colleagues crashed, claiming all on board. McEntire recounted the heart-wrenching moment when she received the news, describing the anguish and disbelief that enveloped her and Blackstock as they awaited updates in their hotel room.

In a poignant interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, McEntire bravely shared the harrowing experience, recalling the moment Blackstock delivered the devastating news. Despite the passage of time, McEntire admitted that the sorrow of that day still lingers, emphasizing the profound impact it had on her life.

In the wake of the tragedy, McEntire found solace in the unwavering support of her close friends, including Vince Gill and Dolly Parton. Though offered the opportunity to continue the tour with their bands, McEntire chose to embark on a personal journey of healing, pouring her heart and soul into her subsequent album, “For My Broken Heart.”

The album, a heartfelt tribute to the bandmates she lost, soared to the top of the charts, selling millions of copies and solidifying McEntire’s place in the annals of country music history. Even as she achieved success, McEntire remained steadfast in her commitment to honoring the memory of those she lost.


Every year, on the anniversary of the tragic incident, McEntire takes to social media to ensure that the memory of her fallen friends lives on. From heartfelt tributes on Instagram to poignant reflections shared with her devoted followers, McEntire’s reverence for those she lost remains unwavering.

In 2016, on the 25th anniversary of the crash, McEntire embarked on a pilgrimage to San Diego, where she visited the scene of the collision and offered prayers for the families and friends affected by the tragedy. In a touching note shared with her fans, McEntire expressed her belief that those who have passed on can feel the love and longing of those they left behind, underscoring the enduring impact of loss and the power of remembrance.

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