Alan Alda Gives an Update on How He’s Doing with Parkinson’s: ‘Tying Shoelaces Can Be a Challenge’

Alan Alda, a veteran actor, takes a minute to reflect on the continuing impact of the popular television show MAS*H, a legendary television series that is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. In spite of the difficulties he is experiencing with his health, Alda, who is now 86 years old, continues to be as active and engaged as he was before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015.



MAS*H was a breakthrough comedy-drama that enthralled viewers all around the world. In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE magazine for this week’s edition, Alda digs into his memories of the film. The film followed the lives of a group of American medical professionals and support workers who were stationed in South Korea during the Korean War. The series was set against the backdrop of the conflict. Over one hundred million people watched the show’s last episode, which was the culmination of eleven seasons of production and still holds the record for the most-watched television finale of all time.


In spite of the passage of time, Alda’s link to MASH continues to be highly significant. During the course of the conversation, he discusses his health journey since the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease as well as his active post-MASH endeavours. At the moment, Alda is the host of the well-known podcast Clear + Vivid, in which he shares significant talks with a wide variety of guests.



Taking a look into the future, Alda contemplates his aspirations for his legacy, both as an actor and as a single individual. Through his efforts both on and off the screen, he continues to motivate and excite audiences, leaving an everlasting impact not just on the landscape of the entertainment industry but also on the globe at large.




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