18-Year-Old Parrot Joins His Human Singing Stairway To Heaven

The year that Frank Maglio Jr. and his parrot, Tico, lived through was marked by lockdowns and uncertainty, but there was one unexpected silver lining that emerged. Something that started out as a casual activity during the pandemic has now developed into a viral phenomenon that has won the affection of hundreds of thousands of people over the internet.

As was the case for many people during the pandemic, Frank discovered that he had more time at home than usual. His passion for playing the guitar, which was frequently pushed to the background due to the responsibilities of daily living, was once again brought to the forefront. In his ignorance, he was unaware that his pet parrot, Tico, possessed a secret ability that would offer happiness to a great number of spectators.

The fact that Tico, an Amazon parrot that had been adopted from a British woman, had a passion for music was something that even his owners were startled by. One day, when Frank was strumming his guitar, Tico joined in with lovely chirps and squawks, resulting in an impromptu duet that left Frank and his wife, Gina, in a state of awe.

Gina got the idea to record the one-of-a-kind duet as they were performing “Stairway to Heaven,” which was the moment that turned out to be the most magical. Frank made the decision to post the video on social media after receiving encouragement from his family and friends. An enormous number of people responded.

The musical collaborations that Frank and Tico have worked on were showcased on their YouTube channel, which swiftly acquired popularity. The duo’s performances became a source of delight and distraction for viewers all around the world by virtue of the fact that they had over 250,000 subscribers.

Frank made the observation, “It’s been a surreal journey,” as he reflected on the sudden prominence that he had achieved. “Tico has brought a great deal of happiness not only to you and me, but to individuals all across the world. In particular, when things are difficult, music and laughter have the power to truly elevate one’s spirits.

The good influence that their musical relationship has had is demonstrated by the thousands of comments that have been left on their videos. The viewers express their appreciation for the humorous moments that occurred during a difficult time, showing the significance of shared experiences, even between a guy and his parrot.

As the globe continues to navigate the post-pandemic uncertainties, Frank and Tico continue to spread cheer through their harmonising compositions. They are demonstrating that even in the midst of adversity, a touch of music and companionship can brighten even the darkest of days.

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