A Look At Rapper T.I.’s Public Feuds With Rappers and Athletes Throughout The Years

Rapper T.I. is always finding himself in beef. The Atlanta MC is never one to mince his words, and this usually finds him at odds with somebody else. He’s got a history of falling on people’s bad sides throughout his career and has a list of rappers who have had issues with him. Let’s look at some of his most memorial spats.

T.I. got his start in the early 2000s when down south hip-hop was still finding its footing in mainstream. He quickly became known as The King of The South, something that did not sit well with fellow southern rapper Lil Flip. Flip called T.I. out for trying to say he was the best, and the two started a pretty well-documented rivalry. T.I. did not like how Flip spoke ill of him while he was locked away and as soon as he got out, he pulled up in Houston to challenge him. The pair got into an altercation where Flip and one of his friends both jumped on T.I. before the guys were separated. In the years since, Flip says that they’ve put away the hatchet and have made peace.

T.I. would find himself feuding with 50 Cent years later. 50 loves to drum up drama with anyone to promote a project and set his sights on T.I back in 2020 following a BMF party. Fif claims that T.I. smiled in his face after speaking ill of him weeks prior. To make T.I. mad, 50 Cent reposted his infamous Crime Stoppers video, where T.I. asked people to call in with tips on anything suspicious hppening in their local neighborhoods. T.I. then responded by challenging 50 Cent to a Verzuz, but 50 has never taken the bait. Eventually, it was rumored that T.I. would be starring in Power, but the role reportedly went to Method Man instead.

50 Cent’s favorite frenemy Floyd Mayweather has also had issues with T.I. During a time in his marriage when Tiny and T.I. seemed to be doing their own thing, she was photographed with the boxer. T.I. decided to press Mayweather about it after he allowed blogs to run with stories that he was sleeping with Tiny. This resulted in a Vegas brawl where Floyd reportedly blacked both of T.I.’s eyes, according to Jason Lee. T.I. had to wear make-up to cover up his bruises.

T.I. and Boosie Badazz seem to have a close relationship. Their sons got into some trouble together last year after being stopped on their way to a vacation. T.I. delivered a hilarious impression of Boosie during a stand-up gig reenacting Boosie’s call to inform him that their boys had gotten in trouble. When a story resurfaced about the time T.I. snitched on a deceased cousin to get out of jail time, Boosie reportedly was so turned off to his friend that he pulled out of a joint album they were working on.

T.I. has been trying to defend himself, even breaking out documents from the disposition to show people. T.I. claims that Boosie spoke without knowledge, and they have since handled their issues and resolved them “offline.” “Music will be made, money will be made, the priority is being the example,” T.I. said when discussing he and Boosie handling things the “right way” to be an example for their kids.

Despite the various feuds, T.I. has repaired the majority of them. Back in 2021, T.I. and Jeezy was working to end beef with Gucci Mane.

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