R&B Singer Brandy Has Faced Many Feuds Throughout Her Career From Thea to Sheryl Lee Ralph

Brandy is in the middle of yet another career boom. Set to star as Cinderella again for another Disney property; fans are super happy to see her back on our screens after years of career lulls. While some blame her early pregnancy or her tragic car accident for the shift in interest around others, others argue that it might have been a product of karma. Brandy has a reputation for not being the most friendly artist in the game and has beefed with quite a few people. Let’s take a look at some of her spats over the years.

Brandy got her start on the ’90s sitcom Thea. The shortlived show starred Norwood as the daughter of comedian Thea Vidale. Over the years, Thea has opened up about the issues caused on set by Brandy and her mother, Sonja Norwood. She revealed in a series of since-deleted tweets that she would be rooting for Monica during her and Brandy’s Verzuz. When questioned why she would not be supporting her former television daughter, she clapped back, “I never said she wasn’t talented. I do and will always fundamentally disagree with her and her mama’s disrespect while we worked together on my sitcom. And I stand by that!!”

Brandy’s issues with her cast members would spill onto her own sitcom, Moseha. While she was the star of the show, co-star Countess Vaughn became an instant fan favorite. Vaughn believed she was the reason for the show’s success and reportedly told Brandy this in a room full of people before calling her a b- This led to a feud on set that ultimately resulted in Vaughn being granted a spin-off, The Parkers so that the two stars could continue to shine without drama. In the years since, both women have apologized and opened up about being young and in their feelings.

Brandy and singer Adina Howard would have issues. Brandy and Adina were both dating Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men. During an episode of Unsung, Adina recalled how the two women could not get along. “Two young ladies, a lot of their egos got in the way and were kind of going through it about a guy,” Adina said. Adina would go on to blast her label head Sylvia Rhone, who advised her to leave Norwood alone and focus on her career. Rhone promptly shelved Adina’s career, and she has not had a hit since.

Brandy would, of course, continue to find success and score her biggest record, “The Boy is Mine,” with Monica. The young singers, unfortunately, got too into character while promoting the song and would begin fighting behind the scenes. The divas are said to have gone back and forth over song mixes and eventually came to blows before a performance. The real-life tension added to the song’s success, and the girls have since tried to patch things up.

Even the great Sheryl Lee Ralph is not safe from Norwood. She admits that during her time on Moesha, she was asked to change her hair because braids were “Brandy’s thing.” “Brandy wasn’t happy at all with my wearing braids,” Ralph recalled.

According to Sheryl Lee Ralph, Brandy complimented her braids and said they were now twins. However, the singer went to producers demanding she removed the braids because that’s her look. The producers eventually forced Sheryl Lee Ralph to change her hairstyle, and offered to purchase any wig she wanted. Since the incident, Brandy and Sheryl have made up.

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