A woman goes to her boyfriend’s parent’s house for dinner – Funny

A woman had dinner at the home of her boyfriend’s parents. She has never met the family before, so she is rather anxious. They all take a seat and start enjoying a delicious supper.
Due to her anxiety and the broccoli casserole, the woman is starting to feel a little uneasy. Her eyes are on the verge of tears due to the gas pains. With nothing else to do, she lets out a small, tiny fart in an attempt to relieve herself.



Though not loud, the noise was audible to everybody seated at the table. Her boyfriend’s father looked at the puppy that was dozing at the woman’s feet and yelled, “Skippy!” in a pretty serious voice before she could even begin to feel uncomfortable. The woman grinned broadly and exclaimed, “This is fantastic!” She started to feel the ache again a few minutes later.


She didn’t even hesitate this time. She gave a much longer, louder fart. The father glared at the dog once more and exclaimed, “Dammit Skippy!” The woman grinned and said, “Yes!” once more. The woman had to rip another one a few minutes later.



She didn’t give it a second thought this time. She farted so loudly it might have been heard over a train whistle! “Get away from her before she shits on you!” the father screamed, casting a disgusted glance at the dog once more.

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