When his Wife Becomes a Businesswoman

Earlier morning, an ordinary street transaction took an unexpected turn in an odd turn of circumstances. It all started when a man pulled up to a corner and asked what kind of services were available. Unfazed, the woman in question quickly provided a price quote of $100. The prospective client, however, responded with a meagre thirty dollars.


Unfazed, the woman hesitated a second before rushing back to confer with a certain “Harry” who was in the vicinity. Harry said that a hand job was the only thing available for the price offered. Going back to the negotiation table, the woman gave the man the updated terms, and he accepted them.

A sense of expectancy filled the car as she got inside. However, when she revealed the planned deal, she was shocked by how enormous it was. She considered for a second, then excused herself and hurried back to Harry to ask for help. Amazingly, she asked for a seventy dollar loan to make the unanticipated happen.


Bystanders are left wondering what will happen in this strange transaction as a result of this unexpected change of events. As this tale takes place on the streets of our city, stay tuned for more updates.

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