According to Daily Voice, the six-year-old son of rapper Flo Rida, Zohar Paxton, is currently in the ICU after falling from a fifth-floor apartment window in Jersey City. Fortunately, he survived the fall, but his mother, Alexis Adams, is taking legal action.

Reports suggest that the incident occurred over three weeks ago and left Zohar with various injuries. Adams has filed a lawsuit against the apartment building, claiming that the windows presented a hazardous condition that the landlord ignored. She has also included the window installation company in the lawsuit.

Adams, who is a single mother to a special needs child, stated that her heart is broken into a million pieces. However, she and Flo Rida have had a contentious relationship over their child, despite a paternity test proving that Flo Rida is Zohar’s father. Adams alleges that the rapper has only met his son once since birth and has never made a phone call to speak to him.

Earlier this year, Adams criticized Flo Rida for allegedly skipping out on paying their son’s education and insurance. She claims that the rapper owes over $200,000 in tuition fees for the private Manhattan school she enrolled Zohar in back in 2019.

It is important to note that Flo Rida has not publicly responded to any of Adams’ allegations. However, he recently won an $82.6 million lawsuit against the energy drink company Celsius and vowed to donate the money to charity. As of now, Zohar remains in the ICU, and the story is still developing.

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