They Said This Puzzle Wasn’t That Hard, But It’s Driving People Crazy. Can You Get It?

Though they claimed it wasn’t that difficult, people are going crazy over this puzzle. Is It Compelling to You?

Have you encountered the Facebook “Viral Fruit Puzzle” that has been going around? There have been thousands of comments on it, which has caused quite the ruckus. The media has even gotten in on the game, reporting on how this conundrum has baffled people all over the Internet. But do not worry—there is a way to solve this perplexing riddle!


The problem shows several rows of fruit with addition or subtraction symbols in between, and then the solution. Let’s dissect it. The total of three apples in the first row equals thirty. The value of each apple is 10, which is quite easy to calculate (30 divided by 3).


Let’s proceed to the second row now. One apple and two bunches of bananas totaling eighteen are present. It becomes unclear whether the bananas should be tallied as a group or separately. It makes no difference in this instance because each bunch has four bananas. Thus, each banana is worth four.

In the third row, things get a little more complicated. After deducting one bunch of bananas from our two coconut halves, we are left with a value of two. There are four bananas in each bunch, so the coconut has to be worth two.

And now for the last row. We have a lot of bananas, one apple, and half a coconut. Rather of four bananas, the bunch only has three. With the bananas valued at three and the coconut at one, we have a total value of fourteen.

Math difficulties can be really frustrating, particularly if you are unable to figure out the right answer. Here are some pointers to improve your ability to solve arithmetic problems:

Before you try to tackle the problem, be sure you understand it completely. It’s challenging to identify the correct answer if you don’t know what the challenge is asking.


Consider going from the final solution backwards. Work your way up to the more difficult steps by starting with the simpler ones. Solving problems can become more simpler as a result.
Employ a calculator if necessary. It’s acceptable to use this helpful tool to help you answer arithmetic issues.
Think about taking out a pencil and paper.

Sometimes, putting what you already know in writing might provide you important hints about how to approach problem-solving. It might also assist you in assessing the reasonableness of your final response.


Never be afraid to seek for assistance. Speak with your teacher or a classmate for help if you need it with a math issue. They will be pleased to assist you.
Recall that demonstrating your effort and outlining your reasoning might help you grasp the issue much better. It also enables others to see if their response is consistent with yours. So put up your best effort and try to solve the Viral Fruit Puzzle!

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