Jamie Farr, a.k.a the cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in “MAS*H,” and his wife, Joy, are marking an incredible 60 years of marriage!

The amazing 60 years of marriage to Jamie Farr, better known as the transvestite Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger from “MAS*H,” and his spouse Joy, is being celebrated!

The Hollywood actor Jamie Farr proposed to his wife Jo Ann Richards about 60 years ago, but he didn’t wear a ring.

Getting married or proposing without a ring may seem unusual, but it is not unheard of. Living examples of this are the legendary actor Jamie Farr and his lifelong partner Jo Ann Richards.

Farr didn’t pop the question to his girlfriend with a ring, not because he wasn’t a worthy guy, but rather because he didn’t have the cash. Fortunately, their marriage did endure for a very long period.

Actor Jamie Farr struggled with his role.

Farr was having the worst of times at the start of his career because he was having trouble finding acting roles. He became so needy that he was willing to accept pitiful payment for assignments.

Farr didn’t consider luxury; all he wanted was to stock his refrigerator with food and get by every day with Jo Ann Richards, his then-lover. The actor previously revealed that he had acted in an unexpected way because he was so desperate to find work.


Farr went to the studio of the now-deceased Danby Thomas and politely asked to be seen. Fortunately for Farr, Thomas’s crew was preoccupied with a new project called “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” so he was able to land a role.

He felt, at that moment, that things were starting to go well for his career. It found out that Richards and Van Dyke had grown up in the same little town after he introduced them.


Before getting taken off of “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” Farr made four appearances. The role did not last long because it appeared that another actor had stronger connections to powerful people.




Farr was at his lowest point once more after losing the role on Van Dyke’s TV show, and he was doing everything he could to land a new job as “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” When he did get a response after a while, it was more comedic in nature because the filmmakers were looking for a serious performer.

Farr persuaded the filmmakers that he could play a significant part, but they were preoccupied with casting decisions and he never heard back from them. In a lengthy interview, Farr revealed that he experienced a miracle meeting while he was waiting.

Farr stated that he had once told Richards he would pray to St. Jude so he might earn the movie role. He would frequently drive Richards to work every day. He thus started making regular stops at a Catholic church near Richards’ place of employment.

He would pray to St. Jude, light a candle, and add a quarter. After a while, he eventually received the call he had been waiting for. It was a really poor one, though.

The actor from “M*A*S*H” was not cast in the film. He drove to the Catholic church and scolded St. Jude because he was so furious. The famous actor’s phone was buzzing by the time he arrived home, and it belonged to the same director.

Things were rearranged, Farr was told, and he was cast in the part. He didn’t spend any time in preparing for his upcoming new job in a few days. Farr was given another job, this time as St. Jude, according to a call he got again.

His official marriage to his fiancée began after he was cast in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” He remembered getting married to Richard in an Orthodox church, where present were the actors who had portrayed Jesus, Mary, the Mother of God, and the apostles.

Farr revealed that the minister officiating his wedding began to shake at the sight of them in that likeness.

When he questioned the priest about his anxiety, he pointed to Max Von Sydow, the actor who played Jesus, and added in jest, “This is the first time I ever worked in front of the boss.”

Farr started to get more attention just in time, and as he rose to fame, he was amazed at how far he had gone. No matter how successful he became, the actor would frequently reflect on the “long dry years.”


During this prolonged period of hardship, Farr also got married to his encouraging wife. Instead of proposing to her with a ring, he had told her he would get one when things improved.

It took him thirteen years to be able to carry out the pledge. The actor reportedly reminisced about that terrible day, mentioning that his wife and children were present at their favorite restaurant. He then gave his emotional wish a 1.5-carat emerald ring.

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