Goodbye to funeral with a coffin. In the future, this organic bag will turn a person into a tree when they leave this world.

Say goodbye to coffin-based funerals. When a person passes away in the future, this organic bag will transform them into a tree.

Funeral-related items such as coffins, cemeteries, headstones, and other items are quite expensive and intricate! Not to mention their age and obsolescence.

A pair of Italian designers have devised an innovative project that fundamentally alters the notion of conventional funerals.

The “Capsula Mundi,” specifically created by Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, are tiny capsules that are intended to hold the remains of the deceased in a fetal posture. The Capsula Mundi project is the name of this unusual and quite fascinating concept.

The dead person eventually turns into a tree thanks to the organic capsule’s 100% biodegradable construction.


How is it possible? Easy! The body is first buried in the earth while still in the fetal position.

Rather than a headstone or cross, a seed or a sprouting sapling is put above the capsule.

In reality, just as you would give directions and select the type of casket at a regular burial, you can really choose the species of tree into which you wish to transform yourself when you sense that the end is nigh.

Your body gradually changes into nutrients that will nourish the tree and enable it to continue growing.


The website states that “this is the first project designed to promote the creation of green cemeteries in our country.” The tree is planted over the Capsula Mundi, which is buried there like a seed. The tree must be selected by the individual while they are still alive, and after they pass away, friends and family will look after it.

The project’s founders claim, “The cemetery will become a sacred woodland instead of being filled with crosses and headstones.


In essence, memorial parks or forests could someday take the role of graves when relatives visit and tend to the trees that represent their loved ones.

“Capsula Mundi encourages the planting of new trees and even preserves the life of existing ones. You can create a forest by planting different trees adjacent to each other. A location where kids can discover more about trees. According to Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, “It’s also a place where you can walk in peace to remember your loved ones.”

Sadly, despite being an Italian idea, this burial technique is not yet allowed in Italy (I believe the Pope in Rome has some influence over this). However, there are locations in the United States and England where the idea is accepted and is already successful.

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