Latto Says She Was Triggered When People Said She Looked “Old,” ‘I Never Thought I Looked Old Until I Read It’ [Video]

In a recent interview with Chloe Bailey, Atlanta rapper Latto spoke about people on the internet saying she looks “old” and that having an impact on her.

On an episode of Latto’s Apple Music show 777 Radio, the “Big Energy” emcee asked Bailey, both 24, if she feels pressure to maintain a certain image.

“Yes… We try to lessen what people can say or talk about us,” replied Bailey. “So, because we’re constantly in our heads, we’re like, ‘Okay, how can I fix this, how I can make that okay.’ So all of our insecurities get heightened, [and] even things we were insecure about people will poke on.”

Latto agreed and said, “Like me looking old.”

Bailey said it’s “crazy” that someone could think Latto looks a day over 24.

Latto discussed the comments she’s seen, including trolls suggesting she looks like an “old white woman,”

She admitted that it only became an insecurity for her when she saw these types of comments across social media. “It’s all because of social media… You know, I can’t say all, it just, like you said, heightens your insecurities,” said Latto. “And make some new ones!” added Bailey. “I never thought I looked old until I read it on the internet,” said Latto. “Now I just think I look like an old white woman.”

Bailey also shared some of her experiences with internet bullies, such as the time they commented on the way she sat at the VMA Awards. She said she tried to “just sit and look forward” to avoid trolls, but when she went online, she saw people trolling her.

“Next thing you know, I see things going around, ‘She looked like she about to have sex with the chair,’” she laughed. “I’m like, ‘Now hold on. Wait a minute. I can’t just sit down?’ I’m like, ‘Now, I’m not even gyrating on the chair. I am sitting like this.’ I’m sitting like this looking forward.”

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