How many locks are open?

What number of locks are left open?
The Number of Open Locks?

There are three unlocked locks.


Funny Jokes
35. Riddle: What is blind but has many eyes?
In response, a potato


36. Conundrum: What lacks vision but has one eye?
In response, a needle


37. Riddle: What doesn’t sew yet has a lot of needles?
In response, a Christmas tree


38. Riddle: What is able to clap yet lacks hands?
In response, a clock


39. Riddle: What can walk but has legs?
In response, a table


40. Riddle: Identify what has four legs, one foot, and one head.
In response, a bed


41. Riddle: What is it that you can toss but not catch?
In response, a cold


42. Riddle: Is there a band that doesn’t perform any music?
In response, a rubber band


43. Riddle: What is able to bite but lacks many teeth?
In response, a comb


44. Conundrum: What is sliced on a table but never consumed?
In response, a pack of cards


45. Riddle: What speaks but never uses words?
In response, a book


46. Riddle: What never moves while running around a backyard?
In response, a fence

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