Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck splitting up comes to light

Evidence of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup surfaces


In 2022, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot in a quick ceremony held in Las Vegas. It’s really concerning that there are now rumors that the couple may be divorcing.

To learn more about the evidence, continue reading.

Reports suggest that Ben Affleck has been living apart from his wife, Jennifer Lopez. Photographers caught him walking out of the house he lives in alone.

The actor was spotted in Brentwood, Los Angeles, heading to a house he has been living in apart from Lopez, his wife. The people who have seen the actor claim that he has also been staying the night there.

According to a report from InTouch earlier this week, Lopez and Affleck are no longer together. According to the story, Affleck had also left their Beverly Hills marital residence. Affleck appears to have been residing in his Brentwood house for the past week, despite the fact that it is not entirely established that he has left the property.

Nevertheless, during this period, they have both been spotted sporting their wedding bands. Despite the fact that they have both lately been spotted alone at events, Ben was conspicuously missing from Lopez’s side at the Met Gala last week.

He was filming “The Accountant 2,” and there was a scheduling conflict, which is why he was absent. However, the night before the scheduled Met Gala, Affleck was spotted at Tom Brady’s roast in Los Angeles. Photographers have now seen Lopez out and about in Los Angeles by herself, separated from her spouse.

Earlier this week, Lopez and her longtime producing partner were spotted house searching. Although it was thought that she was searching for a house to live in with her spouse, there are now rumors that the house was intended just for her to live in.

The pair was last spotted together in a snapshot in New York City in March. They haven’t been pictured together since then.

Regarding Affleck, he resides in Brentwood, the same neighborhood where Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife and the mother of his three children, also resides. Additionally, it has been claimed that Affleck has been going to his kids’ events alongside Garner, which may help to explain why he chose to remain in Brentwood—that is, to be near his kids and be there to support them as their father during their momentous occasions.

Regarding this, neither Jennifer Lopez nor Ben Affleck have released an official remark.

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