Give it a shot and try to find the cup that is empty!

Try it and see if you can locate the empty cup!

Prepared for a mental challenge? This is a difficult brainteaser for you:


In less than thirty seconds, can you find the concealed worm amid the birds?

To solve this problem, you need to have a sharp focus and an excellent eye.

Some people possess an amazing hawk’s eye—the capacity to see every detail in their environment.

Nothing eludes them. However, some people have the tendency to ignore even the most apparent things, even when they are there in front of them.

Not only is this drawing a brainteaser, but it also commemorates the introduction of the Nest Friends website.

This platform is to help parents teach their kids in an entertaining and engaging way about the variety of bird species that can be found all across the United Kingdom.

Will you be able to take on the task and locate that elusive worm? Time is of the essence!

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