Man Charged After Being Found on North Carolina A&T’s Campus With Hundreds of Rounds of Ammo, Several Guns, a Chicken Foot, Holy Water and Other Weapons

A man has been arrested and charged after police say he entered North Carolina A&T‘s campus with several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Court docs show that Brandon James Bentley was arrested and charged Sunday, March 26, on several counts, including felony having a gun on educational property, felony having an explosive device on educational property, reckless driving, possessing a weapon on the educational property (not a gun), driving with a revoked license and carrying a concealed gun.

The 27-year-old was detained after police responded to A&T to assist campus police with a heavily armed person. They say the man, who has no affiliation with A&T, was chasing unarmed security guards on the campus.

Authorities say the man was found on the HBCU’s campus with a revolver, loaded handgun, a rifle, two shotguns, and several hundred rounds of ammunition, Fox8 News reports. Bentley was also caught with a “makeshift firework explosive,” a hatchet, a stun gun, brass knuckles, a machete, a dozen knives, “claws,” a baton, a sword, a “blowdart weapon,” and a crossbow. In addition to those weapons, police confiscated two “choking devices,” a window breaker, a chicken foot, pepper spray and “holy water.”

He appeared in court on March 27.

Fox8 News reports his bond was increased to $100,000.00, and a condition of his release was that he could not go on any educational property whatsoever.

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