Eddie Levert Finds Healing Through Music and Faith After Losing His Sons

The world was shocked when R&B singer Gerald Levert passed away in November 2006 from an accidental overdose of prescription and over-the-counter medications. But the tragedy didn’t end there for Gerald’s father, Eddie Levert, who also lost his second son, Sean Levert, in March 2008 while in police custody from Xanax withdrawals. Coping with the loss of both sons was an unimaginable burden for Eddie and his ex-wife, Martha, who also lost her two children.

In a recent interview, Eddie opened up about how he has been dealing with the grief and pain of losing his sons. He acknowledged his mistakes as a father, but also credited his Christian faith with helping him cope. “If it wasn’t supposed to be, it wouldn’t have happened. I wish I knew why. Was it me? Maybe I’ve changed so much to be a better father, spouse, and friend. To improve my life, perhaps. But I can’t dwell,” Eddie said.

Eddie finds solace in music and the memories of performing with his sons. He says that music has been his most therapeutic outlet and that performing on stage is like medication for him. “Music heals. My best moments were onstage with Gerald and Sean. I treasure my time onstage with them performing ‘Casanova,’ ‘Baby Hang on to Me,’ and ‘Wind Beneath My Wings.’ Even now, performing those songs alone is medication. Onstage is my most therapeutic time,” Eddie explained.

However, he also expressed regret about the hardships he faced while raising his two sons. “When Gerald and Sean died, I wanted to blame myself because I felt like I could’ve spared them from seeing some things I did in my life as a father. Understand? I’m a person too, you know?” Eddie said.

Despite the pain and sorrow, Eddie believes that his sons left him with the greatest gift of all: wisdom. He has learned to appreciate every moment and to cherish the memories he shared with his sons. “God strengthened me as I prayed. I cried for days. Still. Now I have a purpose,” Eddie said.

Eddie’s story is a reminder that even in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak, there is hope and healing. Through his music and faith, Eddie has found a way to cope with the loss of his sons and to keep their memories alive.

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