Taylor Swift accused of promoting witchcraft and ‘summoning demons’ on her tour

Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity to be accused of promoting witchcraft as well as “summoning demons” on her Eras Tour.

The Eras tour started on March 17 and is set to continue all the way into summer and Swifties are incredibly excited at the prospect of new content – I mean, who wouldn’t be? It’s Taylor Swift.

However, it seems as though some of that new stage content has got the conservative Christians riled up as many have taken to social media to accuse her of “witchcraft.”

But are we really surprised?

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Taylor Swift performs at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas during her Eras Tour. Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / AlamyWe’ve seen multiple examples of this before.

Numerous celebrities have been accused of being Satanists before thanks to their elaborate performance sets. Take Sam Smith and their Grammys performance for example. And Rihanna herself was also slammed with the same label after wearing red latex on stage during her Super Bowl performance.
And now it’s Swift’s turn.

During a segment of her Eras tour, the 33-year-old breaks out into a routine during a rendition of her song Willow from her 2020 Evermore album which fans seemed to love.

One video posted by a TikTok user called Igor showed snippets of the performance with the singer dressed in a dark velvet cloak while dancing around in circles with others who were also dressed in similar attire.

At one point you can hear the TikToker scream: “Summon the demons, b****!”

Of course, those of us with sense clearly know it’s a play on a stereotypical witchcraft ritual, but it’s not actually real. One more time for those people in the back: It’s not real.

But of course, as with anything that’s posted on the internet, some people just take things too literally.

Here come the conservatives.

Posting to TikTok and then later being reposted to Twitter, one user claimed that Swift was taking part in witch-y activities.

“The first video you saw was taken by a fan the other night at the concert and he says, ‘yes, summon the demons b****!’ The worst part is that [Swift] commented twice [on the video]. [Swift] said: ‘This is the new ‘one, two, three, let’s go b****’,” she explained.

“So what she’s saying is ‘summon the demons’ is the new crowd chant that they all say when she does his witchcraft ritual.

The person added: “Then she commented laughing emojis.”

She also said that Christians get a bad name for “shoving the religion down [people’s] throats”, when “the world, society and huge movies and artists… is shoving witchcraft and rituals, crystals and astrology… down our throats.”

“It’s because the demons get angry every time you mention God. Every time you mention Jesus they start foaming at the mouth. They start screaming and they start manifesting demons,” she added, attempting to explain why people “hate” Christianity so much. “The demons don’t want to hear about Jesus. That’s the only name they’re afraid of. That’s the only name they have to answer to. That’s the only name that sends them to hell.”

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Taylor Swift performs onstage during the Eras Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit: Imagespace / AlamyAnd she’s not the only one that agrees with that stance, as others also took to Twitter to voice their concerns about Swift and her alleged “demonic” activities.

Another user also reposted a different video based on the same premise as the first alongside the caption: “Taylor Swift performing witchcraft in her song ‘Willow.'”

However, Swifties were quickly on the case, with some even offering helpful solutions to the conservatives’ problems.

“Taylor Swift is unfortunately trying to initiate her fans into a cult group during her performance of ‘willow.’ She is using witchcraft to brainwash the minds of 70K people at a time. To avoid joining her cult, transfer your Eras tour tickets to my ticketmaster account,” one user wrote, while another also had a similar idea: “Guys Taylor Swift is so #canceled for promoting summoning demons! Everyone sell your tickets now! I will happily take them off your hands!”

Others also stated that Swift herself is a Christian.

“…How? she’s literally Christian tho? Lmfao I promise y’all Jesus has better things to do than worrying about Taylor Swift pretending to be a woodland witch.”

So in conclusion, Taylor Swift is not a witch, and the internet is a weird place.

Case closed.

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