Paramedic caught on camera stealing from woman, 94, moments after she died

A paramedic has been caught on camera helping himself to a 94-year-old’s belongings just moments after she had sadly passed away.

Mark Titley was called to the home of Barbara Drage on June 29 last year after reports that she had collapsed in her garden, as per the Mirror.

Paramedics rushed to her home in Shrewsbury, UK, and administered CPR and advanced life support for 20 minutes before the 94-year-old was pronounced deceased.

Titley, 58, was one of four paramedics that attended the scene and Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that he re-entered the property following the 94-year-old’s death in search of a do not resuscitate form.

Watch the shocking footage below:

Instead of finding the form that he was searching for, a camera picked up Titley rooting through the belongings of the deceased woman, and he began counting notes out of a box full of cash before pocketing it.

The paramedic spotted the camera after putting the £60 ($74) in his pocket and then proceeded to put it back where he found it.

After reviewing the footage, the woman’s son explained that he was “disgusted and sick to my stomach” and reported the theft to West Mercia Police.

When the case went to court, it was revealed that Titley was no longer a serving member of the West Midlands Ambulance Service as he retired days after the incident took place.

He initially denied the allegations made against him, claiming that he was securing the money in order to give it to the family of the 94-year-old, but he later confessed to the theft.

Titled was handed an 18-week prison sentence which was suspended for 12 months, and he was ordered to pay £530 in costs and a £187 victim surcharge, alongside carrying out 120 hours of unpaid work.

Assistant chief ambulance officer, Nathan Hudson said of the incident, via the Mirror: “Our staff will be horrified one of their former colleagues would do something like this.

“We hold a position of trust when we enter someone’s home and these sorts of actions rightly put a stain on all of our reputations which is deeply regrettable and makes it much harder for staff who are still working. We are pleased that this was taken to court and dealt with by the criminal justice system.”

As per the BBC, Michael Drage, the 94-year-old’s son, believes that the punishment was too lenient, adding that the NHS is “an organization that we rely on and we trust,” and that he feels disappointed that someone working for it could commit such a crime.

Though he added that he was “sickened” by the incident, he added that he believes there is “a bad apple everywhere and he (Titley) is this bad apple.”

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this shocking incident.

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