Rick Ross Purchases Meek Mill’s Atlanta Mansion For $4.2 Million

Rick Ross surprised Meek Mill by purchasing his Atlanta mansion for $4.2 million, thereby expanding his real estate holdings.

As per TMZ, the sale of a huge Georgia residence, which was on the market for nearly two years, has reportedly been finalized by the MMG boss. According to reports, Rozay followed his signature style of being the “Biggest Bawse” and made a seven-figure payment in cash!

“I’ve been working to make an impact in the luxury market and this did just that,” his realtor, Alisha Gillooly, said.

Among the lavish features of this suburban estate are eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a tennis court, a movie theater, a playground, and various other luxurious amenities. Just a few days ago, Meek shared the news of selling the house on Twitter, stating that it happened quickly despite being on the market for almost two years. He also mentioned that he had anticipated the sale right after he posted about it.

“I sold that house that quick …. It was forsale for like 2 years…I knew it would soon as I posted too!” the Dream Chasers rapper said.

Initially, Meek did not know who the big buyer was. However, upon learning about the purchase, Meek took to Instagram to express his surprise.

“Sold rozay the big fish estates … I aint even know he bought this lol,” he wrote.

Meek recently posted a virtual tour of the ATL property on Instagram with hopes of generating more interest in the residence. He complained that his realtor was not selling it quickly enough. Shortly after the post, the property was sold.

In addition, the purchase comes following a positive resolution between Meek and Ross, who were speculated to have had a disagreement in the past few years.

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