Texas Man Convicted of Spitting at Lubbock Police Receives 70-year Prison Sentence

Larry Pearson, 36, has been handed a 70-year prison sentence by a Lubbock jury after he was found guilty on two counts of harassment of a public servant for spitting at Lubbock Police officers.

The prosecutor Jessica Gorman’s closing argument was the number of years sentenced should “send a message” to Pearson and society.

Gorman also revealed that Pearson has a history of criminal convictions, including aggravated robbery and continuous family violence, and was arrested for domestic violence in May 2022.

During a domestic dispute, Pearson became furious when the victim was not arrested instead. When taken into custody, he started kicking the doors of the police vehicle and spat at the officers repeatedly, even continuing to do so at the Lubbock County Detention Center.

Despite defense attorney Jim Shaw’s argument that the incident was a “simple misdemeanor” that got “out of control,” the jury handed down a harsh verdict due to Pearson’s prior criminal record.

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