Blac Chyna Ditches Facial Fillers and Embraces Her True Self: A Journey Back to Angela

Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, has recently announced that she is on a journey back to her true self. In a series of Instagram posts, the 34-year-old star shared the process of removing facial fillers, as well as breast and butt shots, which she claimed to have outgrown.

Chyna began her journey by visiting a dermatologist to get the filler that was previously placed in her cheekbones and jawline removed. Despite the rumored discomfort of the process, Chyna was determined to get rid of the fillers and shared her experience with her followers.


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The reality star also decided to retire her signature long, pointed nails and opted for a shorter and more natural look. Chyna’s decision to make these changes came after she realized that she had outgrown her public persona as Blac Chyna and wanted to embrace her true self as Angela.

In her Instagram posts, Chyna encouraged her fans to be true to themselves and make positive changes in their lives. She also took the opportunity to educate her followers on the risks associated with cosmetic procedures, such as butt shots and silicone implants.

Chyna’s decision to remove her facial fillers and breast and butt shots is not the first time she has made significant changes in her life. In 2016, the star underwent a major transformation, which included weight loss and breast augmentation. However, this time, Chyna’s journey seems to be focused on inner growth and self-love.


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Fans of the star have been supportive of her decision, with many praising her for embracing her true self and inspiring others to do the same. Chyna’s journey back to Angela serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to make positive changes in one’s life and embrace one’s true self.


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In conclusion, Blac Chyna’s decision to remove her facial fillers and embrace her true self as Angela is a powerful reminder that self-love and self-acceptance are essential for personal growth and happiness. Her journey back to her true self serves as an inspiration to many and a reminder that positive changes are possible at any age.

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