A South Carolina Restaurant Owner Has Donated Over 60 Cars To People In Need – Video

When Elliot Middleton, owner of Middleton & Maker Village BBQ in Awendaw, South Carolina, began repairing cars to give away to members of his community, he had no idea that his act of kindness would attract the attention of WLTX, the CBS affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina.

WLTX is located in the capital city of South Carolina. The radio station known as WLTX is the one that operates in the city of Columbia.
Middleton came up with the idea to start repairing cars and giving them away to the people who owned them since he noticed that residents of the isolated area had limited access to public transportation. He accomplished this so that they would have an easier time moving around the area.

Middleton developed the Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation 12 Days of Christmas automobile giveaway during the holiday season, with the purpose of donating a car on each of the twelve days running up to Christmas. This was done in conjunction with the Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation. More than sixty autos have been donated by Middleton up until this point.

As his story was widely disseminated, he was presented with around 800 vehicles that were gifts from unknown benefactors. These vehicles were provided to him. He referred to the response as “soul-soothing” and said, “Whatever glowing feeling is inside of me, it just is carried from that TV screen and went inside of them.”

South Carolina mechanic gifts repaired cars to people in need Eliot Middleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M31pnviEH9E Credit: News 19 WLTX

A mechanic in South Carolina gives out repaired vehicles to those who are struggling. Eliot Middleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M31pnviEH9E The credit goes to News 19 WLTX.

In addition to this, he asserts that there are others who will assist you in pushing the iron if you are the one who pushes it first. In other words, if you are the one to push it, then others will aid you.

People were unable to adequately convey their appreciation to Middleton for all of his help since words were inadequate. “You have no idea how much this means to me,” Aziare Green, who was one of the winners of the giveaway and received a Honda Civic from the year 2006, said to the other winners of the competition.


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