Chuck Norris Honours His Mother on Her 100th Birthday

Chuck Norris recently celebrated his mother, Wilma Norris Knight’s, 100th birthday. In an exclusive feature for, the celebrity described his mother’s life, growing up in the 1920s in rural Wilson, Oklahoma. Norris explained that his family also grew up there, and his mother’s life was marked by poverty and struggle.

Despite these hardships, Norris shared that his mother was a great role model. She was born into poverty and was made a state ward at eight years old. She also spent two years in a children’s hospital for a rare ailment before recovering and taking care of her family during the Great Depression.

Norris credits his mother for raising his three siblings alone when his father left. He shared that his mother has always been a living example of faith and determination. She has experienced many losses in her life, including the death of her son Wieland in Vietnam, two spouses, a stepson, and two grandsons. She has also survived multiple cancers and 30 other surgeries.

In the feature, Norris emphasized his mother’s prayerfulness, stating that she has prayed for him “through thick and thin” his whole life. “My birth was nearly fatal. I almost lost trust in God and Hollywood sanity. She prayed for my luck and salvation at home. She prayed I would find a woman who would change my life, and it did,” he shared.

Norris also acknowledged the important role his wife, Gena, has played in his life. Gena, the CEO of their new artesian bottled water company, has helped him with all his businesses. She is his love, best friend, and the mother of their twins.

The actor, best known for his role in Walker, Texas Ranger on CBS, thanked God “overwhelmingly” for his mother and grandmother’s influence in his Mother’s Day letter. “An ounce of a mother is worth a pound of a priest,” Norris said, quoting Spanish. He thanked both his mother and wife for shaping him into the person he is today.

In a separate interview on the Mike Huckabee Show in 2012, Knight shared some of her parenting advice. “I kept them in church and Sunday school. I taught Sunday school, and we always prayed,” she said. She also advised showering children with affection and not missing Sunday services.

In conclusion, Chuck Norris honoured his mother on her 100th birthday and celebrated her life, her faith, and her determination. He acknowledged the important role she played in his life and thanked her for praying for him through thick and thin. Through this feature, Norris has given us all a reminder of the importance of gratitude and appreciation for our loved ones.

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