Oldest Married Couple in History Celebrate 80 Years Together

John and Charlotte Henderson have made history as the world’s oldest married couple with a combined age of 211. The couple recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary at the Longhorn Village Retirement Home, where they currently reside.

To commemorate their milestone achievement, the facility arranged for the couple to relive their first date, which took place in the 1930s. John drove a 1920s roadster to pick up Charlotte and gave her a bouquet of flowers. They were also treated to a slideshow presentation of photos that depicted their long, enchanting journey together.

Their great-nephew, Jason Free, submitted the application to the Guinness Book of Records on their behalf, stating that they are “most definitely a very happy couple who are always together, travel together, and lived life to the fullest together.”

John and Charlotte first met at The University of Texas, where John was on the football team, and Charlotte was a classmate studying to become a teacher. They started dating in 1939 and were married by the time World War II broke out.

The couple attributes their long-lasting marriage to their commitment to living moderately and being kind to each other. They also make it a point to resolve any arguments before going to bed and engage in physical activity daily.

John, who is also the oldest living UT football player, continues to attend each year’s games. Despite living through numerous societal and technological changes, their love and marriage have remained steadfast.

As they celebrated John’s 107th birthday on Christmas Eve, we wish the couple continued health, happiness, and love in their remarkable journey together. Their story is a testament to the power of love and commitment in a long-lasting marriage.

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