Mother Dismembered Her Daughter & Ate Body Part As Neighbors Looked On

A Kenyan mother has made international news after brutally murdering her two-year-old daughter and eating her liver.

On Sunday, April 23rd, 24-year-old Olivia Naserian stabbed her two-year-old daughter Glory Njeri. The attack occurred at a home in Kitengela, nearly 20 miles south of Kenya’s capital of Nairobi. Neighbors witnessed the gruesome episode take place through a window and reported that as Naserian stabbed Njeri, she recited the alphabet and sang. Naserian sliced her daughter open and began eating the child’s liver.

Locals rushed to the home after initially hearing the child scream. While trying to break down the door to save Njeri, they were able to view the stabbing, with one of them recording it. The mother continued to sing nursery rhymes, dismembering and eating the young girl, disregarding the people at her door. Once finally inside, Naserian had collapsed on the floor. Witnesses say her parents also lived at the residence but were not home at the time their granddaughter was slain.

One neighbor spoke with the Kenyan newspaper, The Standard, revealing they heard the woman chanting, “You will never cry again, my baby. You will forever sleep. I love you, my daughter,” shortly before the stabbing began. The shaken onlooker stated Naserian removed other internal organs, such as the heart and intestines. Gladys Wanjiku, an aunt of Naserian, told Nairobi Wire that the young mother recently moved back home after living away with her boyfriend for about eight months. Wanjiku says in the days leading up to the murder, her niece began speaking in tongues and breaking windows.

Benson Mutia, the head of Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations, said his office is working to determine whether or not the woman was suffering from mental health issues before she killed her child.

Naserian has been ordered to remain behind bars for at least ten more days as the investigation continues. Her next court hearing is on May 8th.

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