Man flooded with praise after sharing stunning 336lb weight loss

A South Carolina man has been highly praised after showing his weight loss of over 330 pounds, which he achieved in under two years.

Cole Prochaska stated that around two years ago he weighed around 600 pounds and it was the “lowest point of his life”.

Taking to Twitter in March, Cole explained his reason for wanting to shed the weight was that he “didn’t want to die young”.

He said: “Two years ago I decided I didn’t want to die young. I didn’t want to get diabetes. I didn’t want to never know my true potential. I decided to take my life back. 330+ lbs down and I’m not done yet. Believe in yourself!”

A recent post from Cole said: “It’s very hard to share a shirtless picture but I’ve come so far. Over 336lbs down! Most didn’t believe in me but I believed in myself.”

Attached is an image displaying before and after shots, with the latter showcasing Cole without his shirt on, showing excess skin.

People flooded his posts with words of praise, with one person writing: “Keep pushing bruv. You inspired me to start on my weight loss journey. I need to lose about 120lbs to stay lean and fit. Starting the journey as we speak.”

Cole addressed that despite his incredible efforts to lose weight, he is still facing battles due to his excess skin.

He has launched a GoFundMe page where he hopes to raise funds for surgery that can see the skin removed while admitting that he is still self-conscious about his body.

“My weight goal has been reached but my life is not complete, and it will not be complete until I can get rid of this excess skin,” Cole began.

“I must tuck extra skin in my pants and still wear loose clothing to conceal the flab. I have been heavy since I was 6 years old and at 38, I have never walked on a beach without a shirt on and always avoided pool parties. I’m still trapped.”

Cole has set up a target of $60,000 – though he admits that he is unsure how much the entire procedure will cost, and that any leftover money will be used in helping others with their weight loss journeys.

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The South Carolina resident explained that the secret to his success was eating right, hitting the gym regularly, and getting in at least 10,000 steps per day.

He describes his journey as “3 to 1”, meaning that he used to weigh the amount of three men, but now he is just one person.

“People didn’t believe in me, but I believed in myself. Over 361 pounds down, and I’m not done yet. You can do anything you put your mind to. I hope my story can be an inspiration to others trapped in this same type of situation,” Cole wrote.

Cole has done an amazing job, and we hope he gets the funding needed to complete his remarkable journey!

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