9 Kissing Tips To Make A Woman Come Back For More. Men, Take Note!

9 Kissing tips for men to level up your game and keep your girl coming back for more!
1. Ask for consent.

It’s not weird or ‘unsexy’ to ask for consent, and it’s not nerdy or uncool. I read once that “yes” doesn’t count as consent if “no” wasn’t a safe option. Let’s make sure we make consent clear.

2. Take it slow.

No one should be biting your lip straight away, this is all about getting into each other’s space and feeling safe. Languish in the feeling and emotion of the moment — what’s the rush?

3. Tease a little.

Start with slow touches. Don’t be afraid to tease them too, because that will only drive them mad. Look at them then look away. Touch the back of their neck. Make them want more. This is one of the best kissing tips for men and women as it really ups the excitement levels.

4. Kiss her hands first.

Showing that you respect and treasure another person is a great step towards making her feel safe and secure. This will erase some awkwardness (there will be some, though – it’s a universal fact of life) and allow you both to relax.

5. Throw in some forehead kisses.

This is a massive step in intimacy. If you show her little ways that you care about her, physically and emotionally, you’re on the right track.

6. Use walls and gravity to your advantage.

Hang on to anything when you’re making out and it’ll feel more adventurous. She can also use this to find new ways to drive you crazy too.

7. Kiss her ears and neck.

These are areas that everyone loves to be kissed in because they’re so sensitive. Don’t go mad, but these are the secret, intimate gestures that really get you in the good books. Trust me.

8. Use tongue with discretion.

If you use your tongue, do so slowly and tentatively. Lick her lower lip in a quick motion, and if she welcomes it, then proceed. Otherwise, absolutely do not push the matter. One has to be in the mood for such things, and no one wants an unsolicited washing machine syndrome. Keep the saliva to a minimum. A sexy sentence, I know, but a necessary one — and find a rhythm.

9. Make eye contact when you come up for air.

Look into your partner’s eyes and really see them. This will lock you together and initiate round two. Brace yourself.

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