‘I’m In A Mixed-Weight Relationship, But Trolls Say I Should Only Date Fat People’

Leah Stanley has people always assuming she should be romantically involved with someone of her size. Her relationship with Dan, whom she met three her size years ago on the Bumble dating app, is regularly faced with a barrage of trolls, especially as its mixed-weight.

The weight gap has never been a concern for Dan nor Leah, but trolls are backing down on the subject matter.

“People always assume that a fat person like should be with another fat person, and that goes the other way as well. Too bad it’s all based from jealousy and minds filled with judgment so those comments hold zero value,” Leah, known as @VoluptousLeah on Instagram, said as she clapped back at the trolls.

According to the 33-Year-Old Leah, in an interview with NeedToKnow.Online, she and Dan don’t like to adhere to society’s rules.

She added: “And while our s*x life is private – there aren’t any concerns at all. The surprise is that many people forget, unless you weigh the same as your partner, you are also in a mixed weight relationship. Your size doesn’t determine who you’re attracted to but your eyes and mind do.” 

The self-proclaimed “Thickney Spears” insisted it’s incredibly vital to take the focus off size and weight to show the love that can be formed between two individuals.

Another assumption people mistakenly make is that Dan is her brother, not her beau. While Leah strives to normalize mixed-weight relationships, she’s also ready for people to get over it and move on. She doesn’t want more labels to define her and Dan and wants acceptance so they can exist and be loved the same as the straight-sized couples.

In a now-viral video, Leah shared some harsh comments people posted.

In the video, she could be seen dancing as texts popped up on the screen, including “Run for your life, man,” “He’s with you for the money,” and “He must be cheating on her.” It was captioned: “Mostly because I think these comments are just so mindless and for that reason they be funny. It’s important to know there’s always going to be someone unhappy with what you’re doing, and that’s why you need to live for YOU.”

Thankfully, it’s not all hate, as some commenters honestly express support for Leah. One of her viewers had written: “I love this. You two are effing cute, and you ALWAYS look happy and are smiling.” Another said: “Haters always gonna hate! Your love is beautiful. He’s a lucky guy.” A third chimed in: “F those miserable t**ts. Real love is rare [and they are so jealous]; enjoy the hell out of it!”

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