Woman With A Disability Documents Her Pregnancy To ‘End The Stigma’

“Disabled parenthood” is quite a sensitive topic and heavily stigmatized in society, but Alex Dacy has opted to open up conversations about it as well as share the negativity she encounters online and in public. One of the numerous things she’s passionate about is ending the stigma surrounding disabled people.

Dacy, also known as Wheelchair Rapunzel, had been born with a rare genetic disability called spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that causes muscle wasting and mobility problems.

Dacy is married to Noah and they’re considered an inter-abled couple. As a result, the pair often face criticisms both in life and on social media, with Noah stating: “When we go out, we get looks almost to the point where people break their necks.” When Noah and Dacy also announced the news of their pregnancy online, there was a huge amount of negative backlash.

Woman With A Disability Documents Her Pregnancy To 'End The Stigma'

In a post where Dacy announced the pregnancy, she admitted she never planned on birthing a child with her body but that she was going to “take in every single moment of this amazing thing my body is undertaking.”

In the comments, she was flooded with ableist questions and cruel remarks but she has been responding.

Woman With A Disability Documents Her Pregnancy To 'End The Stigma'

According to Dacy, the negativity she encounters has been very mentally exhausting and some of the cruel comments include ‘Terminate the pregnancy.’ ‘It might have your disease.’ And ‘How are you going to care for a baby?’ Since becoming pregnant, she’s had to stop her treatment for SMA, because it can be dangerous for the baby. And as Dacy admitted, everything has become a lot harder.

Woman With A Disability Documents Her Pregnancy To 'End The Stigma'

She added: “I use to be a lot more physically independent. I had never thought that my boyfriend would be my full-time caregiver.” 

Dacy continued: “I am considered a high-risk pregnancy, but I am being seen by a full team of doctors. A lot of women with my disease give birth. Yes, it is pretty much hell, but it is possible.” She claimed that the main issue will likely be her respiratory health and she might require a C-section. Dacy further claimed she had faced a lot of rejection after graduating from college.

She said she was discouraged at the time when sought jobs, and she almost gave up but turned to sharing her story on Instagram, to have an outlet, to feel included, and to contribute, despite no one hiring her.

Dacy shared: “One of the main things I focus on, as a disability activist, is disabled body positivity and acceptance. Growing up, I never knew I was allowed to celebrate my body. The media conveyed that disabled people only exist to inspire people and that our bodies are defective and not worthy of pleasure.” Despite all the difficulties, Dacy has, however, given birth to her first child.

She and her husband Noah welcomed a beautiful baby girl.

The mom in a touching Instagram post wrote: “First skin-to-skin moment was a moment I’ll never forget. Feeling her chest on mine. Holding her to me, my heart beating with hers. After everything, we went through together.” 

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