Identical Twin Sisters Gave Birth To Baby Girls At The Same Time– On Their Own Birthday

A special bond which is unique and non-comparable always exists in siblings. It becomes more special and joyful when it is with your brother and sister. For twin sisters Amber and Autum, they also have had much more to share with each other for many years from their childhood

These twin sisters both done further things which make their bond strong enough till adulthood.

Amber and Autum made breaking news when they gave birth the babies at the same time. There was only 90 minutes difference between both deliveries. They gave birth to healthy baby girls on their own 33rd birthday. These babies are delivered on October 29th, 2020.

Both sisters were admitted in Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both the babies were also delivered on the same date by the same doctor named Dr. George Vick.

The point to be noticed is that it was both sisters’ birthday on that very day.

Both the babies are born healthy. Baby Charleston’s weight is 9 lbs., 4 oz while baby Blakely’s weight is close to 7lbs., 2 oz. Twin sisters posted their picture on social media with caption of “Double the sweetness and double the love”.

Amber and Autum are sharing a beautiful bond of love and affection till their adulthood. The two got admission in the same college and also done their master’s degree form same university. The sisters qualified for registered nurses and next nurse practitioners together.

When the twin sisters are trying to conceive babies, Autum experiences the miscarriage. She was a bit sad but soon she realized that God has planned for them. After some time twin sisters shared the news of pregnancy to each other. Both the sisters got pregnant again.

After some time they came to realization that they have the same due dates. Some time they realized that they have the same due dates. This time amber got pains first and went to labor first.

The twin sisters gave birth to two beautiful and cute sons in 2018 but with the gap of 10 weeks. Boys born with a gap but they have same weight and lengths on the birth time. They believe that their children are sharing a beautiful bond of love.

“It’s the birthday present that keeps getting sweeter,” said Amber. Both the sisters sharing a beautiful bonding and now it may continue with their baby girls.

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