Adopted Teen Sees 1st Birthday Cake Ever, Gets Emotional When His Mom Walks In With The Cake

When an adopted teen sees 1st birthday cake of his life, he gets emotional. It’s an experience he never felt before. On top of this he was surrounded by his now forever family.

The teen years are already a difficult time with all the physical and hormonal changes, and being an adopted teenager is more of a challenge. Apart from dealing with the body changes, you have to adjust to the family changes as well.

This is exactly what happened in the case of brothers from Sierra Leone, James and Abraham, who were recently adopted by a Charlotte, North Carolina family.

Jamie and Joe Walker have four children of their own, but they wanted to add the two brothers into their family.

According to a report from WCNC, Joe first met the brothers while he was on a trip to Sierra Leone to visit his friend who had started an orphanage.

Joe And The Boys Bonded Instantly

Joe and the boys connected instantly and kept in touch through Skype. He even went back to meet the boys again. That’s when he decided he had to adopt the boys. He felt his family would also feel the same.

Back home, his wife and kids also agreed and they began the adoption process. But then the pandemic came in and the procedure had to stop. Eventually, the brothers were officially adopted in October 2021, and everyone’s life changed for the better.

A Totally New Experience For Abraham

Abraham’s birthday comes in May. His new family decided to surprise him with a birthday cake.

As Jamie walked in with the cake, Abraham was out of words as he was filled with emotions. Speaking to the Queen City News he said he never knew anything known as a birthday before. He never knew what it feels to see your cake or get a surprise like this.

Jamie wrote on her Facebook account, it dawned on them later on Abraham didn’t know what “make a wish” meant, they told him so he could redo it.

It’s really nice of the Walker family to have adopted the boys and given them a new life.

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