Ladies, If Your Man Doesn’t Do These 6 Things While Slᴇᴇping With You, Then He Doesn’t Love You

It is not difficult to read men. If you analyse closely, all their feelings can easily be judged. Here are a few things you will notice when he slᴇᴇps with you which will undoubtedly prove he is crazy about you.

1.He will look into your eyes directly

A man who loves you truly won’t just stare at the walls or out of the window waiting to finish off. Rather, he will make the most of that moment. His emotions will travel to you without words. Just his eyes will speak the unsaid. If he refuses to make eye contact, he is lying every bit of his emotion. Avoid men who cannot look into the eye and speak to you. Either they are terribly shy which in some cases is a awkward but still acceptable; or else they are real manipulators.

2.He will kiss you all over

One kiss can ar0use your entire being. Your partner will be really engrossed in the act of kissing. You will feel his needs, his passion and emotions and also how much he craves to have you in his life! You will forget everything else around you. Such intense will all his kisses be that your worries will seem insignificant.

3. He will communicate

He will try and make s3x a pleasurable experience for you. He might just spend a long time asking for your needs, what makes you feel great, if he should be rough or if you would want him to take it slow. Likewise, he will also tell you what works better for him. It will be a learning process. You will notice all his efforts directed towards immersing you in the act. Even after it is over, he will cuddle and speak to you.

4. He will patiently create a romantic atmosphere

Men who are truly in love start it slow. One sure fire fact is that women love things escalating real slow. All of us dig romance! A little candlelight date, watching a romantic movie in a dark room, counting stars together, watching the sun do down on a beach, etcetera. These things can really set the mood for a passionate night together.

5. He will make all efforts to comfort you

If you have issues having sex without protection, he will never force it on you. Some men, trick you into accepting what you have reservations about. That may be using a particular kind of protection or even trying a new position. If he loves you and knows you thoroughly, your comfort and convenience will be foremost in his mind. If sex is not comforting and non- consensual there’s no love involved. It feels really nice when you don’t have to say but he still picks up clues as to what you don’t enjoy or find pleasant.

6. He won’t ghost you for not being perfect

He won’t complain or whine if you make mistakes in the bed. You may not be a pro but he will appreciate if you try. If you falter, he will laugh it out loud, hug you and let that pass. Additionally, he might help you master things if you have never tried it previously. Some men belittle their partner’s efforts and criticise them during the act. However, for an extremely loving guy, he will accept you with all your shortcomings and in fact, will encourage you to make things better next time.

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