Batman Walks 3-Year-Old to Day Care After She Told Her Mom She Was вullíєd

When Erica Calculli’s daughter Lydia came home from school with bruises on her face, she threw her into a regular children’s play.

But then Lydia came home with a swollen black eye last month.

The girl told her mother that her classmates hit her and threw a shoe at her.

Says Lydia’s mom, Erica Calculli: “She’s a very smart, bright child and social,” Erica said. “Lydia has been coming home with bruises on her face. At first it was very minor and I thought it happened just playing around. Two weeks ago, she had a black eye but didn’t say why. It breaks my heart that other kid are hurting my baby physically and emotionally.”

Then Erica noticed that Lydia was changing.

Lydia was once a very happy and bubbly little girl. Now she was getting angry and violent with her mother. Erica was very worried, so she wrote about it on social media, hoping to get some kind of help. And help, indeed, was on the way.

Erica says she reported the incident to her daughter’s school, but nothing came of it. She turned to social media, where Batman impersonator Jack Asbury saw the post and offered to accompany the girl to school.

Jack Asbury felt heartbroken when he heard that a little girl was being bullied at school and decided to help her.

“I was heart broken when I saw her mothers post she was being bullied in school,” Jack Asbury wrote in a Facebook post. “Hopefully this will help her over come the fear knowing who has her back.”

Jack, who works as an EMT, often dresses up as Batman, asked if it would help if he dressed up in his Batman costume and took Lydia to school.

Last August 28, Jack dressed up as the Dark Knight and asked Lydia if he could accompany her to her nursery.

She grabbed him by the hand and led the way. And when he walked into class with her, all the other children froze. And then they started saying his name. “Batman!” And he told all the students in the class that Lydia was his best friend. And that left a big impression among them, the lesson being: friendship.

The next morning, Erica said she saw other young people start gathering around her daughter and calling her their best friend.

And that made Erica cry. Since then, everything has been just fine.

So sweet, great act of special kindness for this little cutie. Thank you for Jack Asbury’s wonderful kindness and all He does to make these little ones happy and hppefully better people.

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