Single Mom Declares ‘Love Has No Color’ As She Shares Journey of Adopting Three Kids

Treka Engleman did not have an easy childhood. She is the youngest of 11 children. Her mother passed away when she was six years old. But instead of growing up bitter or resentful of those who had her, she decided to channel her experience into something wonderful.

Treka has always loved children and wanted to one day have a home full of them.

Her dream was to fill her home with foster children who needed a mother just as badly as when she was a child. She was a natural at taking care of children and wanted to one day open her home to take in children in need of love and care.

That is why she applied to become a foster mother at the age of 21. In her application, Treka chose not to make any requests for a child of any particular race. Instead, she just wanted to be there for any young person who needed her.

However, as a single, childless young woman, Engleman doubted that she qualified as a foster parent and was hesitant to take that first step towards being a foster parent.

“For years, I wanted to be a foster mom. Yet I was always hesitant to start the journey into foster care because I didn’t think a single person like myself could be a foster mom (no spouse, no children). I didn’t think I would qualify, but I did some research, asked around, and made some phone calls anyway.

After attending mandatory foundation classes by adopting for two months, Treka wrote that he still lacked 100% confidence.

“After my classes were over, I had my home study and I was approved for up to four children. I thought, ‘Woah…that’s a lot! Am I ready for this?’ But I was ready and I knew in my heart I could do this,” she continued.

She had to decide the sex, race and age group of the child she wanted to take in.

There was never really any question about it. I immediately marked African American and Caucasian. Colour doesn’t matter to me. Love is love, no matter what colour you are.

Shortly after, Treka was called about a five-day-old baby who needed a home.

A few months later, Treka learned two sisters also needed a home. However, when the time came, only one of the girls arrived.

Now, Treka is officially the adoptive mother of Elijah, Mercedes and Alexis after their adoption was approved in 2019.

“My family does not see color, just kids that needed someone. Yes, I have had my fair share of stares while we’re out in public, but we just keep walking by unbothered. I never say ‘foster children,’ but my children. Because that’s what they are and always will be,” Engleman added.

1 November 2019, was one of the best days of our lives. The day we became Team Engleman! I went from just me to being a family of four. This isn’t the end either, but right now we are enjoying each other,” the happy mama wrote. Treka ended her post with words of encouragement for anyone thinking of fostering children, saying:

“If you are considering fostering or adopting I say go for it, if it’s in your heart to do it. Just knowing that you have helped a boy or girl find a home and a reason to be happy is one of the best feelings in the world.”

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